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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - If you have others please feel free to contact us!


Can Aikido be used for self-defense?


Training in most martial arts will be useful for self-defense by helping students develop a strong physical and mental presence that can be applied in threatening situations. However, the ability to use any art's techniques in "real life" will likely require many years' training. If personal safety is your primary concern you may wish to take a self-defense course or workshop.


I've heard that Aikido is a "soft" art. What does that mean?


Different people mean different things by calling martial arts "soft" or "hard." For us, the notion of "softness" is related to the principle of not opposing an opponent's force directly, but deflecting and redirecting it (often called "blending"). However, the training is vigorous and the movements produce effective results.


How often do people train?


People train anywhere from once per week to every day. Generally speaking it is best to train a minimum of 2-3 hours per week in order to make consistent progress.


I'm a little bit out of shape. Can I still start training?


You do not have to be in more than average shape to begin Aikido. As you train you will become stronger and more flexible and will generally get a good workout, but you will not be asked to perform any physical activities you are unable or unwilling to do. As with any exercise program, check with your physician if you have any concerns before beginning Aikido.


I'm interested, how do I begin?


Please contact us if you are interested in starting! We generally will encourage you to watch a class before joining, after which we can give you directions for registering and taking advantage of one of our Beginner Specials!

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