NEW! Drop-in Conditioning and Martial Movement Classes

Huron Valley Aikikai is pleased to offer a new "on ramp" to training that will appeal both to those interested in Aikido specifically, as well as to those just looking for a way to move more, feel better, and enhance their physical resilience. Our "Conditioning and Martial Movement" classes will feature a combination of both traditional and modern bodyweight exercises that can be scaled to provide an appropriate level of challenge for folks of any fitness level. Classes will also include movements forming the foundation of ukemi - the art of receiving and reacting to the application of an Aikido technique, with specific preparation for forward and backward falling and rolling. 

These classes are available both in-person at our dojo (masked and with at least 10 feet of space between participants) and via Zoom livestream. No uniforms or special equipment is necessary though remote participants should be sure to have some cushioned floor space available (carpeted floor, yoga/exercise mat, etc.). 


5-class "cards" may be purchased from HVA for $40. 

3-Month New-to-Aikido Specials

Huron Valley Aikikai offers special pricing to those who have not trained in Aikido before. The fees listed below include three months of unlimited training and a gi (training uniform). Start Anytime!!

Why 3 Months? In our experience, people just getting started in Aikido need to some time to get familiar with the training, the dojo and our community. If you train 2 to 3 times per week, by the end of three months you should have a good and well-informed sense about whether you want to continue as a regular member.

Adult $250


Student - $200

College/University, Professional Programs, Etc. 

Youth - $150

Ages 12 to 17

Regular Membership

Dojo membership dues for regular members are on a monthly basis and include unlimited Aikido, Weapons and Meditation classes. HVA also offers a 25% discount for each additional family member after the first full membership.

Adult - $100


Student - $80

College/University, Professional Programs, etc. 

Youth - $60

Ages 12 to 17

Visitors from Other Dojos

Visitors from other Aikikai (Hombu) - affiliated schools and organizations are welcome to train at HVA any time for a daily mat fee of $15. Those from other organizations and/or non-affiliated schools may be allowed to train at the sole discretion of the class instructor(s).