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Move Better!! 

As a complement to our martial arts and meditation programs, and as an additional offering to the community, instruction in the Original Strength Resets™ movement restoration system is available at Huron Valley Aikikai to all who may be interested. OS Resets are also a central element of our Conditioning and Martial Movement classes.

What are OS Resets?

All human beings are designed to move, and our neuromuscular systems come "pre programmed" with specific instructions for how to do that. These instructions are rooted in our development as infants and originally got us from lying on the floor to rolling over, crawling, and ultimately walking upright and doing all the other things children and adults can naturally do. 

Over time, due to many causes (e.g., general lack of movement, sedentary lifestyle, and even "over training" other specific movements), these original movement patterns can fall into disuse or degrade, compromising our ability to move and function as we had before. However, just as you can often fix an issue with a malfunctioning computer or cell phone by rebooting it, it is possible to "reset" your original "operating system" to restore these movement patterns to regain and enhance function. And, like rebooting a wonky computer, resetting your body in this way can often begin to resolve movement issues very quickly. 

Original Strength Resets are a system of gentle and simple (but sometimes challenging!) movements that reactivate or reinforce our original neuromuscular movement patters to help us feel and move better than we may today. Resets are not a "workout" and can be adapted for anyone regardless of their current level of physical ability. Once the movements are learned, an entire Reset process (e.g., for daily or occasional use) can be completed in as little as 10 minutes, and the individual movements can be practiced in any combination or order at any time. 

Who can benefit from OS Resets?

Well, potentially anyone! More specifically:

  • Those who want to move better for any reason

  • Older adults who wish to recover a greater sense of physical balance, agility, or general resilience

  • Physically active adults who may be struggling with "over-training" (CNS) issues or general "wear and tear" challenges

  • Athletes, martial artists, dancers, etc. of any age looking to optimize their performance

  • People transitioning from a more sedentary to a more active lifestyle who want to ensure they are on a sound footing

Huron Valley Aikikai chief instructor Rodger Park is an Original Strength Certified Professional - Coach and looks forward to sharing this system with all who may be interested. Please feel free to contact the dojo for more information!

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