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Aikido for Kids!

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We offer classes for kids aged 5 to 12. Older youths (ages 13-17) may enroll in our regular classes.  


Why is Aikido a good choice for my child?

Our children’s classes focus on developing the whole child, instilling self-confidence, discipline, physical coordination and focus. Children enjoy challenging their minds and bodies, taking pride in learning new skills, and being a part of the dojo community.


Because Aikido is not taught as a sport, there are no competitions and the kids are free to work together with their instructors to achieve common goals, including improvement in:


  • Physical and mental awareness

  • Flexibility and coordination

  • Self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Discipline and concentration

  • Cooperation and teamwork


Kids can begin their Aikido journey in any kids class, though we recommend our Saturday classes, where instruction is centered around introductory skills and games introducing basic martial arts principles of movement. In conjunction with these principles, we begin to instruct them in basic techniques of Aikido. Wednesday classes are more focused on learning and mastering Aikido techniques (though there are still some games!). 


In all the classes, cooperation and teamwork are stressed as the more accomplished children assist the newer students in developing their skills.


We kindly request (but do not require) that all children in our programs be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 before they begin training.



  • Instructors, adult members, and child members of Huron Valley Aikikai are  generally fully vaccinated and boosted.

  • Children in class and parents observing class are welcome to mask of course.

  • We have made extensive modifications to our dojo space to maximize ventilation, keeping air flowing (but comfy!) even in the winter months. 

  • HVA follows Washtenaw County Health Department guidance with regard to COVID safety and will update our practices as appropriate. 

Fees for Kids are $60 per month for unlimited classes. We offer discounts for additional children from the same household  - ask us about it! 

We also offer a one-time 5-class "card" for kids that would like to try Aikido before they decide whether to join. These cards are $40. 


Please feel free to Contact us for more informaiton!

No gimmicks

No contracts

No nonsense

(but nothing against turtles...)

What parents have to say about our kids classes:


"Our eleven year old daughter has been part of the Huron Valley Aikikai for more than a year, and it’s been a real joy seeing her strength and confidence in her abilities grow thanks to the guidance and unwavering encouragement of Terri and Corentin Senseis. She looks forward to practicing because she enjoys the focus she gets from learning and perfecting techniques, but what motivates her even more is how much fun she has and the sense of community that is fostered within the dojo."  - F. & J.

“We absolutely love the kids program at Huron Valley Aikikai. Our 10-year-old daughter and our 6-year-old son have been in the program for several years now, and they’ve shown so much progress! They both love the classes: They manage to have fun and learn techniques. They made many friends there and there is a true community feel to the class.The kids program has helped them learn to focus and show control, they learned to respect their partners and feel confident too...So many positive values that have direct applications in their day to day lives. It has helped them grow stronger physically too!” - L. & C.

"As a long-time Aikido practitioner myself I can attest that from a technical perspective the school is top notch, but as a parent I care most about the instructors' ability to read children and help them access their best selves. My sons (ages 6 and 10) have benefited greatly by the energy, ingenuity, and clear-eyed developmental focus provided by HVA's instructors. They balance light-hearted fun with tempered discipline to create a space that is structured yet energetic. The kids are anxious to get on the mat, and see the dojo as a community of friends, somehow different from school or other activities. It has been wonderful to be a part of the Huron Valley Aikikai family." - A.

"My daughter has been a member of the Huron Valley Akikai for more than a year. The Senseis at Huron Valley are professional, patient, and challenging. Through it all, I have noticed that Aikido brings out a tenacity in my daughter that I did not know she had. As a family, we have always felt welcome to the dojo; and, my daughter always has fun. I love watching her grow to the new challenges that Aikido brings to her." - R.B.

"Huron Valley Aikikai is like an extended family for [our child]. The friendly atmosphere ensures that he is always excited to go to class to learn with his teachers and fellow students. The classes have nurtured his understanding of the value of discipline and excellence - the evidence lying in his wanting to practice even after he gets back home!" - A.S.

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