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New-to-Aikido Specials

Huron Valley Aikikai offers special pricing to those who have not trained in Aikido before. The fees listed below include three months of unlimited training and a gi (training uniform). Start Anytime!!

Why 3 Months? In our experience, people just getting started in Aikido need to some time to get familiar with the training, the dojo and our community. If you train 2 to 3 times per week, by the end of three months you should have a good and well-informed sense about whether you want to continue as a regular member.


Regular Membership

Dojo membership dues for regular members are on a monthly basis and include unlimited Aikido, Weapons and Meditation classes.

Visitors from Other Dojos

Visitors from other Aikikai (Hombu) - affiliated schools and organizations are welcome to train at HVA any time for a daily mat fee of $15. Those from other organizations and/or non-affiliated schools may be allowed to train at the sole discretion the class instructor(s). 

To continue please tell us a bit about yourself!
(note: we won't share your info with anyone, ever!)

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