Huron Valley Aikikai COVID Protocols and Plan

April 30, 2021 

As the Coronavirus pandemic increasingly begins to fade, we are keeping a close eye on the numbers of cases and vaccinations to determine how to proceed with reopening the dojo to something more like our normal operations. Below is a summary of our current thinking and potential timeframes associated with various stages of this process:


  • Beginning May 3, 2021!!!! Stage 1 "Re-opening": All of our instructors (and other members who have had the chance) are now fully vaccinated, and we will begin to offer in-person, non-contact conditioning/movement and weapons classes to all who may be interested - whether continuing or new members - regardless of vaccination status. We will also be conducting outdoor classes as weather permits. Distancing and masks will remain mandatory. We may also begin to introduce classes with limited partner training for those with confirmed full vaccination. Masks will remain mandatory for all class participants regardless of vaccination status for all classes, and proper hand hygiene will be observed. The dojo has a  large roll-up door for excellent ventilation and we continuously monitor CO2 levels to ensure good airflow in the space.

  • Stage 2 "Re-opening": When public health authorities have indicated that our area has moved into a "post pandemic" status or appropriate levels of population immunity and COVID case numbers are very low will we move to unrestricted classes. Masking may still be required and we reserve the right to require that all adult, medically uncompromised participants receive one of the authorized vaccines, though we may determine that this is not necessary. We are hopeful that this stage may come by mid-summer. 

We will continue to monitor the situation and update this information as events allow and look forward to welcoming everyone back as fully and as soon as possible!